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Bitcoin Venezuela


Food drops by Bitcoin Venezuela

Bitcoin Venezuela has an impeccable reputation of cashing out crypto into food that is distributed to starving people in the streets of Venezuela. Using the stable currency cUSD yo...


Bitcoin Venezuela


Student income sharing agreement


Bitcoin Venezuela


Fund a food cooperative

In a world without money, even buying something basic as food is troublesome: You need to find someone willing to trade food against the exact goods you offer. Cryptocurrencies are...

Community background

People in Venezuela are starving. The collapse of the bolívar, which shed 99% of its value against the dollar in 2019, mirrors that of the Venezuelan economy, which has endured 21 consecutive quarters of decline. The crisis has been aggravated by international sanctions that prohibit exports of oil to the U.S. and cut access to external financing. While inflation has abated somewhat, largely through severe restrictions on lending, it remains the highest in the world, at an estimated annual rate of 6,567%. With our partners Bitcoin Venezuela & Openmoney initiative you have the opportunity to send stable donations in cUSD directly to Venezuelans in need.

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Your donation is converted into stable cUSD cryptocurrency and securely stored on the Celo blockchain. After a seconds, your donee receives the currency tokens in the Celo blockchain wallet and is able to spend them. Meanwhile you can track your donation’s impact the impact dashboard.

How much does a donee receive?

All donations are converted to stable cUSD currency and send directly to the recipients.