Our mission is to raise the GDP of the poorest people

by optimizing donating through the scientific method, following recognized indicators

Our team

Combining several years experience in blockchain and Open Source development and product building.


Full-stack Engineer


Engineer & Market Research


Product Development


Partnership Building

Our advisors

Getting guidance is important in a field, as new as this. We are thankful to any guidance we get.


Purpose & Scaling




Ecosystem Restoration


Currency Design

Open Source

Open Source technologies are essential to reach our goals

Enhancing Privacy

All user-data is stored using the 3box distributed storage solution providing a simple and portable privacy by design user experience.

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Modular Architecture

The currency and web-app is implemented as modular smart-contracts enabling flexibility to pick between & add functionality.

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Open Source

The Abundance software stack will be GPL & MIT open-source licensed to allow everyone in the ecosystem to verify & expand the codebase.

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